Very excited to be back this year at this great festival !

Blues on Broadbeach  2022

@mike.beale9's performances are a true representation of an artist who is committed to what live blues music really means. Heavily influenced by the late 60’s and 70’s, Beales’ electric energy, guitar skills and unique style has captivated audiences across Australia and all over the world for many years. 

Transitioning through many bands over the years, Mike Beale has created a new ensemble to join the Blues on Broadbeach 2022 lineup! 

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August 2022


Blues on Broadbeach 20221 

Was awesome to be back at Blues on Broadbeach this year - weather was great and the music even better ! Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the shows !

Mike Beale Music Bio

A brief history ..

When you watch Mike Beale play you begin to understand what commitment

to music really means. His energy and amazing guitar skills are only the

beginning of Mike’s unique style and way of bringing music to audiences

in Australia and all over the world.

Originally hailing from Canada, Mike came to Australia when he was ten years old. “My interest in music started at about age 13 listening to America and Crosby Stills and Nash and and hearing the big acoustic guitar sounds and harmony

Soon I bought an acoustic guitar and was very much the usual guitar geek – locked in the bedroom trying to learn everything. I learned all the tunes off the first America album. I was impressed by the use of different guitar parts in their songs” he says.

Early years saw him plying his trade in the mid 80’s Perth and Fremantle Western Australia in The Mike Beale Band in Perth Western Australia. “Basically an acoustic 3 piece, we covered a lot of my early influences like CSN, America, Neil Young.” It was an a changing era as the big beer barns of the late 70’s and early 80’s were disappearing and the smaller scale boutique venues were springing up everywhere. “ Suited us perfectly that new music environment, and in those days it wasn’t uncommon to gig every night, and awesome way to improve your chops”

From this point Mike took on various other influences: “There were other things like British Rock that influenced me and some of the bands were the Small Faces, The Yardbirds and Jeff beck, Zeppelin of course. That’s where my blues roots came from and as I saw it these bands were transferring Afro-American blues to the British Rock scene which made it more accessible to all us suburban guys.” he says.

He is no stranger to the blues having been in a successful blues trio: “I had a band in the mid 2000s when I was living in Queensland called Men in Blues which was a power blues trio. I wrote a lot of songs then in a “heavy” Robben Ford style. We were a pretty successful blues band we released a couple of records and had some chart success in Europe.”

Men in Blues played many festivals like the Australian Blues Festival NSW, Blues on Broadbeach QLD, Bridgetown Blues WA and the Gympie Muster QLD. Their albums include Drinking Overnight and Battered and Bruised. Mike’s original song “Lost” was the number one requested song on Belgium’s Midnight Blues Radio.

At the end of the Men in Blues days Mike realised his first solo acoustic album

- Short Stories. The recording of that that record opened up other opportunities and he found himself doing some studio work for others and contributing vocals on a Dylan tribute album

“That record changed my musical approach to vocals hugely. I had to learn to sing, rather than just belt out my vocals. And trust my voice. It was great experience and still to this day one of my favourite recorded works”

In 2009 a shared festival appearance and an introduction from guitar legend John Meyer had Mike and a Perth Western Australian singer KNiKi team up. Initially for a series of east coast gigs, it quickly became a run of festivals.

The two became great musical allies and together they formed The KNiKi + Mike Beale Project.

Subsequently releasing two albums touring nationally and playing many of Australia’s major festivals, as well as internationally. 

“Wasn’t easy maintaining that band with the geographical distance between us, but we write some great tunes and were both passionate about touring and live playing “

Mike does most if not all of his song writing on an old Martin D28 guitar one that he acquired in 1983. This he says has been a “Perpetual Feature” of his musical life and has been by his side through thick and thin having made it through robberies, being lost on a planes, and a world of travelling” it is a constant in his life, it’s his musical muse. 

My true musical passion is probably still driven from the acoustic guitar : “I just love the open tone of acoustic guitar and I just want to hear that natural sound. I love the feel of it in my hands and how everything you do with the left and right hand can affect the quality of the sound and the quality of chords you play….That’s my real passion, that’s what I love”

Mike continues to have quite an active and dynamic career in music with new music about to be released